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    This is probably Big Daddy’s favourite map of all time.

    Big Daddy loves it when technical drawings such as these get an almost abstract quality. 

    The  collection  of maps were made in 1944 by Harold N. Fisk, who tracked in a rainbow of colours the path of past and present flows as the Mississippi river changed course and flooded over time.

    Big Daddy approves of Harold N. Fisk.

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    Live a Quiet Life & Work with your Hands by Tanamachi Studio (via Pin by TYPOGRAPHY • FONTS )

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    Urban Flavours for Misbhv

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    Załoga x Misbhv.

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    Danny & Załoga.

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    Misbhv Clique.

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    Załoga x Misbhv.

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    Misbhv, Załoga model.